Armand Morin – Big Seminar – Atlanta, GA 2008

I just got back from Big Seminar in Atlanta, Ga. and I am so jazzed!!! I never knew I could learn so much in just 3 days. It was everything they said it would be and more.

Hundreds of Internet Marketers from all over the world gathered in Atlanta to learn from a world-class group of expert speakers teaching the newest internet trends and ideas.

Armand Morin is considered by many as one of the world’s leading internet marketing experts. He has been marketing on the Internet since 1996 and his personal Internet businesses alone have generated over $45,000,000…that’s right, 45 million, in online revenue since then.

Armand’s products include the well known “Generator” brand of software: eCover Generator, Header Generator, Sales Letter Generator, eBook Generator, Instant PDF Generator, FlashPal Generator, SmartPage Generator, Audio Generator, Directory Generator, MultiTrack Generator, and Instant Video Generator… to name a few.

Armand can show you how to create your own high profit products and succeed online even if you have no experience whatsoever. He is the creator and host of the acclaimed Internet marketing seminar known as “The Big Seminar”.

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You can read his report, “An Obvious Truth” for FREE by clicking on the book.

If you’re finally ready for Real Success Online, click below and check out “Internet Marketing Explained”.
IME is a total blueprint to online success. Armand leaves nothing out. Plain black and white, step by step, how to build your business. It even worked for a farm girl from Nebraska. :0)Please let me know if you have any questions I can help you with.Blessings from my kitchen table…

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Carol Hansen, a Twitter specialist focusing on building and monetizing with Twitter. You can connect with Carol on Twitter or Facebook and follow her latest projects, blog posts and cool tips on building and monetizing your Twitter following.

2 Responses to “Armand Morin – Big Seminar – Atlanta, GA 2008”

  1. Carolina says:

    I am so bummed that I missed this! I really wanted to go. I am planning to attend BigSeminar 13 (I already filled out the form on the website!). Can you tell me how much it costs? I am trying to plan now to make sure that I have enough set aside. I KNOW it will be money well spent. Thanks! Caro

  2. Carol says:

    Hi Carolina,

    Sorry to hear you missed it. Big Seminar is definitely where you should go if you want to grow your business. Armand and his guests flood your brain with marketing tips and info. Everything you need to know to succeed.

    Next Big Seminar is in Las Vegas next Nov.6-8, 2009 and the cost is only $2,000. Please get back with me then, as I include a huge bonus (over $1,000 in marketing tools) for anyone joining with me.

    Armand also has a fantastic training coming up on the first weekend of Dec. 2008. Three days of JUST Armand telling you all his marketing secrets and tips.

    Let me know if you want to go so we can make it happen. Please email me at and let me know where your business is going right now, maybe I can help. :0) You can also reach me toll free at 1-866-504-0052.



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