Big Seminar 12 Line Up Has Been Announced!

Are you ready to learn how to succeed online???

Armand Morin’s Big Seminar 12 and the fantastic lineup of of speakers has just been announced!!!

Education for online entrepreneurs is the primary reason the Big Seminar was started several years ago. The goal has always been to provide cutting-edge training and resources to lead the marketplace into a brand new world which very few people are privy to.

The Big Seminar is the place successful marketers have turned to time and time again for the definitive answers to all their most burning marketing questions.

Big Seminar doesn’t disappoint!

Every year Armand brings together the top marketers in the world to teach and train a very select group the most current and innovative new marketing strategies the world has ever seen.

That’s why I’m so excited about Big Seminar 12 .

The Big Seminar 12 Lineup Has Been Announced:

* Eben Pagan
* Michel & Sylvie Fortin
* Stephen Pierce
* Brendon Burchard
* Jose Espana
* David Hancock
* Joe Polish
* Kirt Christensen
* Alan Forrest Smith
* Armand Morin

Are you ready for success?

It’s all happening Oct. 3, 4 and 5th 2008 in Atlanta, GA.

Just click on this link for the best FREE training you will ever get.

What are you waiting for???

Big Seminar X

About The Author

Carol Hansen, a Twitter specialist focusing on building and monetizing with Twitter. You can connect with Carol on Twitter or Facebook and follow her latest projects, blog posts and cool tips on building and monetizing your Twitter following.

2 Responses to “Big Seminar 12 Line Up Has Been Announced!”

  1. Cenay Nailor says:

    Hey Carol, I have to tell you that I am getting pretty excited about this upcoming event. Hey, do you have a date yet?

    I know I missed the last one, but won’t be making THAT mistake again.

    Based on your experience with them, I am sitting on pins and needles until Big Seminar 12.


  2. Carol says:

    Sorry about that. The date for the Newest Big Seminar is:
    Oct. 3, 4, and 5th 2008 in Atlanta, GA. Be there. You won’t regret it. It moved my business ahead by at least a year. Thanks for the heads up. Hope you’re having a great day. :0)

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