Special Power Up Coaching Look Over My Shoulder Training

Tomorrow, Friday Oct. 17th, my friend and mentor,
Coach Lou D’alo of Power Up Coaching fame,
is going to have a FREE teleseminar at 3pm EST
to intoduce his brand NEW training class,
30-day Authority Marketing Intensive . It is jam
packed with marketing tips .

This a unique and valuable opportunity for you.
Unlike many of the gurus who promise you they’ll
be personally available and then have all
sorts of “fine print” to hand you off or limit your
access, Lou will be personally available for
you during the entire 30 days.

Now obviously, Lou will have some boundaries
around how much and when he’ll be available,
but only to the extent that he can continue
to serve his private/individual clients as well.

You’ll have access to a private email address
to ask questions throughout the 30 days, as
well as at least one orientation call – usually
a two hour call – and two full-on “intensive”
implementation days where he’ll be online and
working with you for at least 8 hours (longer
if you need, and he has enough energy to
be productive). :0)

Yup, you’ll get yourself a:
– Coach
– Copywriter
– Webmaster
– Confidant
– Business Strategist
– Motivator
– Skilled marketing professional
– Successful online marketer
and last, but not least
– all around nice guy…

For about $6.23 and hour (assuming
8 hour days).

If you sign up for his course, all I can say is…
Congratulations – you are SO savvy!

I talked to Lou today about the course and
here’s a brief summary of what you
can expect from him and the time you’ll
have together:

1. You’ll know how to design high-converting
landing/optin pages, and you’ll have an optin
up and running, collecting leads.

2. You’ll know how to use a blog to create
authority, branding and credibility – and to
rank high in the search engines so you get
loads of free traffic! Oh, yes, of course …
we’ll also install your Authority Blog Site !

3. You’ll know how to create compelling
sales letters and sales-producing product
minisites…and, of course, we’ll have your
very own product sales minisite up and
running and generating sales – possibly
even before we complete our 30 days!

4. You’ll learn how to create a pre- and
post- purchase autoresponder sequence
that (a) inspired prospects to buy and
(b) follows up after the sale to ensure
customer satisfaction — all automatically!

Oh, yes – and we’ll help you write and
put these autoresponders into action
during our 30 days.

5. You’ll learn how to use teleseminars
to promote and deliver your products
and services, as well as to create new
products and services – faster, easier
and more affordably than you ever thought
possible. And..yes, you’ll DO a product
creation seminar if you want to!

6. You’ll learn how to take your teleseminar
recordings and instantly turn them into
podcasts ! Yes, you’ll have your very own
podcast/internet radio show on itunes and
other podcast directories by the time we’re

7. You’ll learn the power of article marketing
and write a handful of articles that you’ll
submit to article directories and start
generating even more free traffic to your
high-converting optin pages!

8. You’ll watch me as I create a membership
with wordpress and see how easily and
affordably you can do the same!

9. You’ll find out how to set up ecommerce
for your products and services – affordably.

10. You’ll learn how to outsource professional
quality graphics for your products, services
and web sites – quickly and affordably.

11. You’ll learn how to transform your teleseminar
recordings into physical products (CD/DVD format)
that you can sell or use as lead generators for
$1.75 each! (this is really cooool).

12. You’ll learn how to drive highly qualified and
targeted visitors
to your website in minutes.

…and much more, which I’ll tell you about as
time goes on.

No more delays. No more overwhelm. No more
wondering “what do I do next” or “how do I do that”…

Lou’s goal is that you have a complete “Authority
Marketing System”
up and running at the end of
the program that will serve as the foundation for
your marketing, product creation and product
delivery platform for all your future goods and

I hope you’re as excited about this as I am!
Rest assured that Lou will “be there for you”.
He has been my mentor for a while now and
never let me down. If you want to finally
get your online business going, get to the
30 Day Authority Marketing Intensive .
Click here now to get started now.

I also highly recommend Lou’s
Power Up Coaching Gym !

Blessings From My Kitchen Table,


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