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A few years  ago I found a niche in the health and wellness industry for a new product called Zeolite (Natural Cellular Defense). I found that this product is converting sales faster than anything I’ve ever marketed before, and I have been successful in three other MLM companies.

They continue to bring out new amazing products to help people in this toxic world. They have given us Agarigold, a mushroom product that improves your immune system and helps fight cancer. They are now bringing out yet another product, Chàva Vital Chocolate, that will combine a powerful antioxidant with a mood enhancer and zeolite to remove toxins. They even have a weight loss program, waiFIT, to help you shed those stubborn extra pounds.

Are you listening to me?

With toxins running rampant on this planet, people worldwide are looking for and even demanding this fantastic product.  The company that is offering this liquid zeolite is WAIORA . Their Natural Cellular Defense product removes heavy metals, toxins, viral components and all kinds of harmful chemicals (like hormones, herbacides and pesticides) from your body.

I use it every single day because it makes me feel energetic and healthy , and in this toxic world we live in, I know how important it is for me to keep detoxing regularly so I don’t get cancer or die before my time from some of the million other diseases out there.

Our World is extremely Toxic

Right now, over 1 out of 8 Females and 1 out of 9 Males in the United States WILL GET CANCER at some point in their life! If you don’t practice cleansing and detoxing your body now, and eat healthy organic food and drink pure water, you could end up as one of these stats.

This marketing opportunity is just HUGE. I know Waiora will create many millionaires over the next 12-24 months with their fantastic line of products, so if you are looking for an over the top home based business in this industry, working either part-time or full-time, this is the most incredible company to get started with. Get more information on detox at or contact me directly at 740-392-8883 or toll free at 866-504-0052 if you are interested in learning more about this fantastic opportunity.

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