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How to Manage Your Friends Lists on Facebook

Facebook has a way to keep your list of followers organized. This marketing tip will explain how and why you should manage your Facebook lists. It will allow you to pin point target your followers and let you socialize with the ones who will benefit your business. You’ll find out how to manage your personal friends and business contacts on Facebook. This tip will show you how to use friend lists effectively and how to categorize and organize your lists so they are beneficial to you as you grow your network. You don’t want a big list of 5,000 people you don’t really know, cause they could spam your wall, clog up your newsfeed, etc. You want to filter out the important Facebook contacts. OK, here’s how you get ‘r done! Go to the Friends tab on your Facebook profile page. You will see a Lists area on the left side if you’re new, or a Create New List button at the top if you have friends already. Click  on the Create link. Now choose a category for your new list. Be logical and create lists like: friends, family, business, etc. Your friends can belong to multiple lists, so don’t add too many categories. You are just trying to get the right messages to and from the right people here. It’s a good idea to create a special Active list for those who interact with you often. To add friends to an existing list, just click on Edit List at the top. Then either type in a name or click on a friends photo to add them to the list. After you have selected who to include on your list, make sure you click Save List. When you make a friend request, you can click Add to list, and put them in a category in the dropdown menu. This will categorize new friends right away. Get into the habit of doing this and you will build a much more powerful and easy to manage contacts list. Great you now have your Facebook friends in categorized lists! If you are planning on sending messages to a list, remember that you need to keep it below 20 members and warn them that their replies will be seen by everyone else in the group. To message more than 20 people at a time, consider multiple lists (like Biz, Biz1, Biz2) or start your own Facebook group. Lists are great for family, close friends, mastermind groups, etc. that nobody else needs to see....

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