Who Knew This Guy Was So Cool?

Frank Kern just sent me an email and told me to go watch this video. I’m passing it on because it’s that good, that true. I’m telling you to go watch this video… it will open up possibilities.

How Can I Share a File on Twitter?

FileSocial is about the easiest way to share files on Twitter. You can upload any kind of files, from pictures to videos, PDFs or Power point… Whatever you want! Then just Tweet and add the url they supply. Done! So Easy!

How To Make A Facebook Page In Less Than Four Minutes...

John Haydon made this great video showing us how to make a Facebook page in less than four minutes. This is a great Facebook marketing tip anyone can use easily to make pages. Enjoy! And thanks John.

10 Twitter Dos and Don’ts

This Twitter Marketing Tip will tell you 10 things you do and don’t need to do on Twitter. It’s very important that you learn and follow these rules, or you may get the Twitter slap! Make sure you Tweet everyday. Make sure that you mix good content in with your Twitter sales links, if you use them. Quotes, jokes, etc. are good. Make sure not to repeat the same exact Tweet over and over. It’s being viewed as duplicate content now. Do not follow too many people at one time. 100 an hour seems fairly safe, with no more than 500 a day. Do not unfollow too many people at one time, keep it to less than 100 a day. Do not follow and then unfollow people in succession right away, leave a few days in between. Don’t automate in any way the sending of direct messages to your followers. The welcome message seems safe as long as it’s not spam. Do not spam your followers with so much junk that they block you. You can use automation to help keep up with some of your tasks on Twitter, but don’t abuse it. Stick to the guidelines above. You can send links to mini-sites such as a sales page...

How to Use Twitter Marketing for SEO

Twitter is a social networking tool that lets you build a list of contacts that you can interact
with in real time, but it isn’t meant to be used like an instant messenger tool. This Twitter Marketing Tip will explain some of Twitter’s SEO benefits to you.

“The Good Towels!”

It’s those “special” dishes, the really “nice” sheets, and the big fluffy towels…

In my house, growing up, they were called the “good” dishes or the “good” sheets or the “good” towels.

What that meant, in plain English, was they were NOT to be touched or used. They weren’t for us.

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