“The Good Towels!”

It’s those “special” dishes, the really “nice” sheets, and the big fluffy towels…

In my house, growing up, they were called the “good” dishes or the “good” sheets or the “good” towels.

What that meant, in plain English, was they were NOT to be touched or used. They weren’t for us.

My mom would say they were for “company”– we had to save the “good stuff” for when we had a guest over to the house, or if there was a special occasion.

Meanwhile, we used the raggedy towels, sheets that were a million years old and the same old dishes every night of the week.

And it wasn’t just in my house. Everyone I knew had a stash of “good” something. It was just how things were done.

How about in your house? Did you or do you have a “good” something or other that was “off limits”?

My mother came to live with me 7 years ago on Nov. 11th.

When she moved into my home, I gave her the Master bedroom, the guest bedroom for her music room and the master bath.

She also hung out in the living room, dining room and kitchen, which we kind of share for company and such.

Anyway, Mom moved into my home and made herself right at home.

I was now a basement person. My bedroom, bath, office and family room are all downstairs.

I’m naturally a very easygoing person. I don’t let things bother me, I don’t react and get upset– I just go with the flow (usually).

But I must admit, I’m a bit of an “organization” freak. I firmly believe in the mantra, “There’s a place for everything and everything in its place.” Kind of like Mom. :0(

So the thought of Mom taking over my space and replacing my stuff with hers didn’t exactly give me those warm fuzzy feelings.

Then my grandson came to spend the week with me…

I was working in my office in the basement when Mom yelled at the top of her voice for me to come upstairs, so I walked into her bathroom and OMG.


Jeffy had gone and used ALL my “Good Towels”– he had even used my set of hand towels that were there only for “decoration.”

Mom was upset to say the least, and for a bit I started to follow her lead.

I pointed to my crumpled up hand towel and said, “Jeffy why did you use my good towels?”

He turned and said, “I needed to dry my hands…”

Then he picked up my good set of expensive bath towels and said, “And we don’t have any like these in our bathroom?

These are some “good” towels!”

The moment he said that, I just had to laugh.

Jeffy had broken the cycle of saving the “good” stuff for guests (who rarely came) and reminded me of who deserves the “good stuff” anyway.

Today, I use the “good stuff” for me—because I’m worth it!

Mom… Well, she has since passed on, I guess she was still worried about keeping her “good stuff” for her second husband or something. (She was 90 years old.)

What about you?

The “good stuff” isn’t just about towels or dishes or a soft set of sheets.

The “good stuff” is about allowing you to truly have the best in life. Accepting abundance without limits and embracing every opportunity to give yourself a “first class” life—instead of those old raggedy towels.

In other words, don’t reserve the “good stuff” for another day, another person or another time.

Enjoy the moment… seize the day…. and for goodness sakes– use those good towels!

I wrote this a couple years ago when Mom was still with me (She has since passed on, bless her heart). I came across it and decided it still had a good message and that I wanted to share it. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed living it.

Blessings from my kitchen table…

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3 Responses to ““The Good Towels!””

  1. That was a very enjoyable post. We follow that same thought here.
    We enjoy whatever “good” stuff we have, the dishes, the towels and
    especially the sheets. You must be a special daughter to move to
    the basement and let Mom have the house. Good for you.

  2. Wow Carol… What can I say other than this post really hit home for me. I will be dragging out the good silverware and towels later tonight.

    Thanks again.
    .-= Cenay : WordPress Blogging Coach´s last blog ..Bing To Pay News Sites To De-Index From Google =-.

  3. Ann Barr says:

    Carol, your post is touching and thought-provoking. It reminded me that my good china is in the very top cabinet – too high to reach without a stool. I have not used the good stuff in 20 years. Tomorrow I will start, thanks to you!

    .-= Ann Barr´s last blog ..We Already Have a Supplier =-.

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