What is the Biggest Mistake Newbie Marketer’s Make?

It’s the same reason 99.99% of the population will NEVER make it big online and never have their own successful business…

Let me tell you…

I was a struggling marketer for several years. I know what they’re going through, because I’ve done the same things, made those mistakes.

I’m still learning every day, but it’s really coming together for me now.

In these last few years I have had countless newbie’s approach me for advice and guidance in their businesses. I find there is something very strange and disturbing about what they are doing!

Think about it. Every single question that I seem to get is always….

“What are The Fastest and Quickest Ways to Become Successful?”

  • Should I find and create a great product?
  • Should I sell products for affiliates?
  • Should I just give free services away online?
  • Should I teach other people how to do what I do?

Those ideas are all fantastic. Any one of them will work and you can make a lot of money. However, they are NOT really the whole answer.Why not?Let me give you an example: Just say you create a great product tomorrow. How do you expect to sell a bunch of them and to whom? How will you market the product to all the hungry buyers?Because, if you have NO LIST and NO consistent traffic to your site there is NO WAY you can sell your product to the right people, targeted people.Are you going to spend money on paid advertising? That can be very risky. In fact, if you are not careful, you could end up throwing thousands of dollars right down the drain without any return on investment (ROI).

How do I know all these facts?

Because I was one of the victims, I’ve done it. I’ve spent close to $3,000 on Google Adwords without any ROI. It was a total loss! First I blamed Google. Then I thought, well, other people do it, why not me? How come I’m not making any money here? I must be stupid!

But wait a minute…When you know the facts, you do NOT need to worry about whether your campaign will be successful or not. It is ONLY a matter of how much time you spend to build it. This system works.

What is it?

You need to build a LIST. (Not just a regular list!)

You need to build a VERY RESPONSIVE list.

A list that allows you to build relationships with your readers from the first day they opt-in to your database.

Why this is important? That’s very simple too! A lot of marketers build a list and ABUSE that list by sending people offer after offer. It doesn’t really matter if the people want what is being offered. They just keep sending emails and offers.They do NOT build a great relationship with them by giving their list a proper education. They just want any email address to send out an offer to, and another, and another, and another. Finally, the poor prospect opts out and is never heard from again.

This is a BIG MISTAKE…

When you EDUCATE your list all the time, they will want to follow your lead. They will RESPECT you as being knowledgeable and as a leader. When every email you send gives them value and important information on a subject that they have indicated they are very interested in, they will open every single email from you and read it. They will be excited to hear from you.

When you answer their questions and help them in any way you can, they will come back for more.

When this happens, and most likely it will, every single time you have a great offer, they will definitely want to buy it from you right away.

Imagine having 5,000 people on a list who will buy your $47 dollar product every time you email them about it. Imagine having 10,000. How about 1,000,000?

Do the math!

You need money for a new car? Send out an email. You want a new house? Send out an email. You want a fantastic vacation? Send out an email.

How many subscribers do you want to have?
How many LOYAL readers do you want to have?
IT’S ALL IN THE LIST… Build it with love.

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