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So many people are using Twitter now and many of their Tweets are just basically spam posts pushing their website or blog. This is not going to get them anywhere but unfollowed. The rules of Web 2.0/3.0 and social networking won’t work like that.

Spammers follow thousands of people every day, multiple times a day, they send out Tweets saying “Make $10,000 a week, go here to find out how. blah,blah, blah, my website”. So many people are doing this, and I’m guessing they are not seeing very good results. The word spamming means more than just sending unsolicited emails. Now days, spamming is classed as sending messages that have no value. Advertising your website with nothing for the person to gain definitely falls in this field.

So how do you get respect from your followers, and have them see you as an authority and an expert and not a spammer? How can you get them to start seeing you as an expert and an authority, because this is when they will more likely want to go to your website and buy whatever you are selling! This is when you will be able to control your niche market and dominate.

Here are some simple steps to follow to gain the respect and interest of your followers.

5 or more times a day, send out Tweets which come under the following categories:
a.) What you are doing?
b.) Links to interesting articles.
c.) Links to interesting or funny photos or videos.
d.) Your thoughts on a particular subject that’s in your niche.
e.) Reply to other peoples tweets and get interactive with them.
d.) RT (or re-tweet) other people’s interesting Tweets.

When you start Tweeting, forget about driving traffic to your website, that will come later. Twitter can become one of your main sources of FREE Traffic.

People don’t like to be direct marketed to in this day and age. I for one, really hate it when someone tells me to click on a link. Why should I? I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if thousands of people daily, sent you a message telling you to go to their website either. Many people in the MLM and Home business programs do this. You do NOT want to do this.

The only thing a person thinks about when you tell them to go to a link is “what’s in it for me?” But, if you’ve posted about something that makes them laugh, if you posted a link to an interesting article, if you’ve given them something for FREE that could benefit them and help them in their business, then they will be more likely to click on it.

But, I bet you are wondering… “so by posting a link to an article, photo,etc., how can this help me get traffic or monetize my site? Well, this could be a link to an article that you wrote yourself, and at the bottom of the article you could have a link to your actual website. Then when the person reads your interesting and value packed article, they will click the link at the bottom of your article and go to your site . Or, it could be someone else’s article that you saw and thought was loaded with valuable content. Now this won’t bring instant traffic to your website. But, it will help the person who clicks the link and reads start to gain more trust in you and you will gain more credibility as a professional marketer.

If you think that this may be too much work to implement, then I really think Internet marketing is NOT for you. I just say that because I know some people are looking for the magic button and are not willing to put in any work.

These Twitter marketing tips will work to build you a large and devoted list of followers. Just put in a little work and make a lot of friends and the money will follow.

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