Twitter Marketing Tips – How to Use a Twitter Badge to Post Your Tweets to Your Other Websites.

How would you like to have all your Tweets show up on your other websites, like Facebook or your blog? It easy to do with the Twitter Badge.

The Twitter Badge is actually one of Twitter’s ways to try to get you to promote your Twitter site. Here is a Twitter Marketing Tip that explains the 7 easy steps to putting a Twitter Badge on your sites.

  • 1. You can find the Twitter Badge on your Twitter site. Just go to settings, (in the top right corner). Then scroll down, (and it’s kind of hard to find,) to More Info URL. It says “Have a homepage or blog? Put the address here (You can also add Twitter to your site here.)
  • 2. Click on the blue link and you are invited to put the Twitter Badge on various social networks. Just click on the one you want to have a Twitter Badge on and it will guide you thru the steps.
  • 3. To put a Twitter Badge on your blog, click on Other and then click on Continue (bottom right corner). This will bring you to a page where you have 2 options. You will have a flash widget and an html widget. The html widget is good because it will just mix in with the rest of your blog text. The flash widget has a more professional look contained inside a box with a login and follow button. It also has the scroll feature, so you can scroll down and see several Tweets.
  • 4. After deciding which Twitter badge you want on your blog, click Continue again. This takes you to another page where you can choose yet another older Twitter widget that just shows your latest Tweet. Decide which one you want and click Continue again.
  • 5. This is the page where you can select the style and size you’d like to display on your blog. Just click on the styles and it will show examples of how they look, colors, etc. The narrow size works great on a blog. If you know some html, here is where you can go in and modify the Twitter widget to exactly the look and size you want. If you don’t know html, then leave it alone. It looks really good just as it is for most blogs. If you choose to click on the html option. You have a couple more options. You can choose Number of updates shown and create your own Title. It will show on the right exactly what it will look like. You can also put other people’s Twitter on your page by going into the html and changing the Twitter link to their Twitter user name instead of yours. Once again, just copy and paste it into your site, right where you want it.
  • 6. OK, now you’re going to put it on your blog. Right click on the box of html code and click select all in the pop up box. Then click on copy.
  • 7. Login to your blog admin site and under Appearance, select Widgets.Look for Text and click on the blue Add link. This opens a Text Widget at the bottom of your Current Widgets. Click Edit link and when it opens, you can click and paste the html code you copied. Click Done and Save Changes and go view your blog site. You can then go back and drag the text box up to the location in your sidebar where you want it to appear. Easy as cake, huh?

This is a great way to put additional new content on your site pages constantly with no extra work. Hope you enjoyed this Twitter Marketing Tip.

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    I was stuck at 5.), but not it’s all okay, thanks for the info!

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