Twitter’s New 1,000 Follows Per Day Rule Shoots Loyal Twitterers Down

Twitter just decided to implement a new limit – the 1000 follows a day  rule. This new rule will affect everyone who follows new people on a regular basis. It will even affect those who just follow back their big lists of followers. So I decided to share what I’ve found out in this Marketing Tip.

What’s Wrong With This New Twitter Rule?

No one knew about it or that it was coming! It seems that Twitter admin did not have the common courtesy to report this new rule/limit to their loyal followers. This new feature was not even written about on the support section of the Twitter help blog till Monday, 4/20/09. That’s when Twitter officially announced that this limit is for real.

They say they are trying to optimize the follow limit for good Twitter people who auto-follow other people. What’s wrong with this picture? Everyone thought it was a bug. Yep, me too.

So… why did Twitter do this?

One reason could be that in the past few days Twitter has experienced a very slow performance from their servers. This could be from the 1 million auto-follows from @britneyspears maybe? Or it could be from the Kutcher/CNN faceoff! Maybe it’s happening just because everyone wants to use an auto-follow tool. Now, don’t get me wrong, the auto-follow feature of these 3rd party programs is very cool, so cool that everyone wants to have them. Face it, Twitter is becoming automated, it can’t keep up.

The Twitter Fail Whale probably doesn’t like all the bots/scripts, that people are using, picking on him. So… the more people who use these new automated tools, the more often the Fail Whale shows up. So Twitter admin decided… lets slow up the show! It’s probably a very good idea in actuality, but the worst mistake Twitter made was not to inform anyone about it.

The second bad idea that Twitter had was to just implement a dump restriction without first testing if it would be effective. It doesn’t seem like there is a real Google-like algorithm to it. There seems to be no genuine reason behind it that can optimize and help the experience of those Twittering. It also seems there is nothing good in it for the real big guys on Twitter. They are miffed!


Maybe after thousands of  support tickets and millions of negative discussions on the internet the Twitter team will deactivate this limit or at least tell us how to optimize it for our own good. We can always hope.

What do all you Twitter fans think?

Was this the best idea that a big, super company like Twitter could have come up with? Was it fair to all the people who are loyal, Tweeting fans of Twitter? The ones who, like me, try to follow all the rules and use this great social marketing site as a tool to help build their marketing network.

Who knows what Twitter will come up with next. Maybe a link or RT limit? Scary stuff Twitter fans. Hope this Twitter Marketing Tip helped. I’d like to  hear your comments.

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Carol Hansen, a Twitter specialist focusing on building and monetizing with Twitter. You can connect with Carol on Twitter or Facebook and follow her latest projects, blog posts and cool tips on building and monetizing your Twitter following.

8 Responses to “Twitter’s New 1,000 Follows Per Day Rule Shoots Loyal Twitterers Down”

  1. Cenay Nailor says:


    I agree that Twitter should have informed their user base, but I can only imagine the outcry that would have prompted if they announced before they took that move.

    I imagine the rush to get new followers in before the *pre-announced* reduction would have been enough to fire their servers!

    Imagine if 12 million folks all rushed in to grab 1000 new followers in the same 5 minute period? Yikes!

    As always Carol, love your forthright candor and *tell it like it is* style. I love coming here to read your next pearl of wisdom. Keep up the great work.


  2. Ray Sola says:

    I personally think the limit should be 1000 follows period. No one can read a feed of more than that, and no one does. Yes, you are going to say, people use software to make lists of different groups. Yes, they read what they want but the rest are just follows who they never see.

    Many people follow the people/companies who auto-follow just to get followed themselves. They get a follower who will never read what they tweet, and the guru gets another follower.

    Some people look at the number of followers as a heuristic for quality, the real number they should look at is the difference between the number followed and followers. Someone with 10K of each is an auto-follower. Someone with 10K followers more than the number followed, probably is posting stuff of value. (With the exception of any celebs who post silly stuff and people follow anyway.)

  3. Paul Gipson says:

    Twitter has enough money to buy extra bandwidth or server space needed to keep up with all the new followers and people joining everyday, I think they just didn’t like all the mass following and auto following going on… i dunno

  4. Brian Kurtz says:

    This isn’t going to over well. At all.

    Now you’re going to see people putting together 20 accounts at a time.


  5. Aaron says:

    Twitter didn’t think what would happen if they would have this new ruling, because the allow 1000 a day. These is what i read a guy will do.

    Create 10 new accounts with different ip
    Massively add and spam of advertising ads,

    he used to control one account and now he has 10.

    Common sense would teach u that if u limit what people can add, then obviously spammers would create more account to beat that limit, either way its a bad way to control. Having one spammer is better off than having 10 spammers.

    For what i think, twitter is better off with google or by alltop

  6. seo blog says:

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  7. lajolla bob says:

    Twitter is free count your lucky stars ……. Twitter is not spamwear …. use it for good not worthless junk …. Twitter will lose it’s appeal when there is too much crap and it starts to smell through the portholes.

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