Balanced Living in a Stressful World – 10 Simple Steps

Balanced Living is probably the most important Marketing Tip you will ever find. Until you find your Balance, it’s hard to find real success in life.

I’ve found that there is only one healer. It is not a pill, a shot or a doctor of any kind. It is the body itself. When functioning as God designed it, the body always knows what to do, unless it is interfered with.

Today, I’d like to share the 10 Simple Steps to Balanced Living:

1) Power of Positive Mental Attitude – "I CAN’T" is a common phrase in our world today. People give up before they give it their all. I’ve got an idea, let’s remove the "T" and let it be "I CAN!!!" See yourself becoming a healthy and balanced person. A person balanced in every area and level of your life. See your body and mind performing and functioning better than it ever has. Remember, THINK POSITIVE AND THINK "I CAN!"

2) Power of Deep Breathing – Breathing controls the oxygenation of cells and also the flow and lymph fluid, which helps in maximizing immune function. The lymph system is responsible for removal of dead cells, blood proteins and other toxic materials. Deep breathing activates the system.

Let me share the most effective way to breathe in order to cleanse your system. You should breathe in this ratio: inhale one count, hold four counts, and exhale two counts. Example: Inhale 4 seconds, hold16 seconds, exhale 8 seconds. Why hold 4 times as long: You fully oxygenate the blood and activate your lymphatic system. Why exhale 2 times as long? That’s when you eliminate toxins from your lymphatic system.

When you breathe, start from deep in your abdomen. Never strain yourself. Build yourself up to numbers which are comfortable to you. Take 10 of these breaths 3 times per day and you’ll experience dramatic improvements in the level of your health.

3) Power of Aerobic Exercise – Exercise is another great way to develop great lung capacity, relieve stress, and most importantly, work your most important muscle–your heart. Slowly and carefully work your way up until you can sustain a workout for 30 minutes.

You should do an aerobic exercise at least 3 times per week. Some aerobic exercises include power walking, running (can be stressful), swimming, bicycling, and trampolining. A word of caution: Your body will be more prone to injury if it is not used to exercise. Start slowly. Exercise will greatly increase your internal energy levels.

4) Power of Proper Diet – Seventy percent of the planet is covered with water. Eighty percent of your body is made up of water. What do you think a large percent of your diet should contain? That’s right, water rich foods. Seventy percent of your diet should be made up of foods that are rich in water. There are only three kinds on the planet: fruits, vegetables, and sprouts. Your diet should be consistently assisting your body with the process of cleaning, rather than loading it down with indigestible food.

The build up of waste products within the body promotes disease, and this is promoted by eating a diet low in water rich foods and not ingesting enough good drinks. Most people do not drink enough PURE water or good liquids. Eight to ten glasses of PURE water and/or 100% fruit juice everyday is very important. Fluids such as alcohol, caffeine and sugar drinks should be avoided.

Helpful tips: Fruits should be eaten on an empty stomach, and not with other foods. Limit your meat and dairy intake.

5) Power of Proper Food Combining – Different foods are digested differently and require a different digestive medium. Example: starchy foods (rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, etc.) require an alkaline digestive medium; whereas, protein goods (meat, dairy, nuts, seeds, etc.) require an acid medium.

When we combine these foods the digestive process is impaired or completely arrested because the medium is neutralized. Incompatible food combinations rob you of energy, which can be potentially disease producing. Prescription drugs for stomach and digestive troubles are in the billions. They usually don’t really help and have many bad side effects Maybe there are more sensible ways to eat. That is what food combining is all about.

6) Power of Proper Rest – At rest, your body rejuvenates and regenerates itself. Proper amount of sleep is different with everyone, but usually falls between 6 to 8 hours per night. If your body doesn’t get proper rest, it’s not going to be all it can be for you to be all you can be. :0)

7) Power of Body Alignment – There are many ways for the body to be miss-alligned. I’m not going into these in depth, because it’s not my expertise. Chiropractic helps by adjusting the spine so that nothing interferes with 100% function of the nerve system; the system placed inside us to control all life and healing. Chiropractic does not treat the symptoms of the disease, it just allows our body to heal itself. Massage and acupuncture are other methods that work at keeping the nervous system working properly. It’s extremely important to your overall health that the nervous system is flowing properly and not being blocked or interfered with.

8) Power of Drug Free Living – Drugs will not increase the health of a healthy person and I’m reasonably sure, would only make that healthy person sick eventually. How then, can a drug make a sick person healthy? All chemicals have side effects. Become aware of the harmful side effects of drugs on your body. If you are taking drugs (prescribed or over the counter), consult with a trusted medical doctor to reduce or completely wean yourself off them. Drugs are not natural and cause chemical stress on the nervous system, which interferes with the body healing itself naturally.

9) Power of Love – No small form of love is ever forgotten. A word of praise, a gentle touch, a pleasant smile, a warm hug, an "I love you", can all release within someone sensations of pleasant feelings, which can make that person’s day. It can be something so simple, but yet so powerful (not only for the receiver, but also just as much for the giver). Don’t let this day or any other day go by with showing your love for someone!

10) Power of Prayer – God’s power is beyond human comprehension, but his promises are not. While we, as mere human beings, can never fully understand our creator, we know that when we align our lives with God’s will we are the beneficiaries of his power and grace. But if we stray from his will and his natural laws, we bring untold suffering into our own lives and the lives of those we love. As you begin each day, or as you face challenges that may occur during your day, consult with God. When you do, you will be reminded that an all-powerful God has made important promises to you for today and all eternity. Rest assured, God always keeps his promises. Always!

All these Power Tools are for you to use to enhance and create Balanced Living in a stressful world a reality. You will be a better, more focused and healthier marketer. It’s going to take some effort and discipline on your part, but the rewards will be immeasurable.

Blessings from my kitchen table…

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