Hero Dog Saves Another Dog

This is unbelievable. That dog is SO out of his comfort zone, but yet he puts aside his fear and does what he has to do to save his friend. What can we human beings learn from this short video? WOW!

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3 Responses to “Hero Dog Saves Another Dog”

  1. Hi Carol – Thanks for connecting with me! It looks like you help a lot of people to build business with Twitter. I’m trying to build, but am a newbie! Thanks for all you do for people and I’m glad you have had success!

  2. Hi Carol,
    The video is truly heartwarming. It proves that dogs are truly loyal to his friend, either another dog or his master. That is why I think, for me, dogs are better friend than human, they won’t judge you and will stay beside you always.

  3. Jegajothy says:

    What a hero, I doubt there is a human being that would be able to do that feat!?

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